With over 30 years of experience in the trading and supply of LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas), Carib LPG has established itself as one of the region’s most reputable and reliable companies in the LPG market.

An ongoing analysis of market trends by our team of experts has propelled the company to a market-leading position, enabling us to focus on fuelling the future of energy in the Caribbean and Americas. 

Carib LPG

Carib LPG Carib LPG


Why Carib LPG?

With the global presence of our industry-leading parent company, Petredec, Carib LPG has the latest industry insights, risk management resources and full access to dependable and continuously developing transportation routes. The facets of this partnership combine with our own expertise and experience to place Carib LPG at the forefront of LPG and Petroleum products.


Carib LPG Carib LPG Carib LPG
~ 400,000 MT propane and butane traded annually > 100 lifting/ loads per annum + 1 committed team of industry experts



Carib LPG

Customer needs

We only exist by ensuring that our customers’ business is just as successful as our own.

From its very inception, Carib LPG has taken a customer-based approach to business. With strong trade routes, an extensive fleet of LPG tankers and well-established supply contracts, our company is equipped with the requisite resources to meet and adapt to the demands of our customers in the most effective and reliable manner.

Moreover, the flexibility awarded through our option of contracts with cyclical or variable demand continues to play a pivotal role in developing local market growth, reflecting our continuous aim to fuel our customers’ requirements.

Our dedication to sustainability and customer satisfaction has also been mirrored by our dedication to replacing current fuels with cleaner and more affordable alternatives, such as HD-5 Propane in the power generation markets.


Carib LPG